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Im a human being, and Im entitled to my emotions.

Akutagawa's translation. if you could, I'd appreciate it if you'd correct errors....



先をつまんで見て、年甲斐(としがい) 最後に、内供は、 内供がこう云う消極的な苦心をしながらも、一方ではまた、積極的に鼻の短くなる方法を試みた事は、わざわざここに云うまでもない。内供はこの方面でもほとんど出来るだけの事をした。もなく顔を赤らめたのは、全くこの不快に動かされての内典外典(ないてんげてん)の中に、自分と同じような鼻のある人物を見出して、せめても幾分の心やりにしようとさえ思った事がある。けれども、目連(もくれん)や、舎利弗(しゃりほつ)の鼻が長かったとは、どの経文にも書いてない。勿論竜樹(りゅうじゅ)馬鳴(めみょう)も、人並の鼻を備えた菩薩(ぼさつ)である。内供は、震旦(しんたん)の話の(ついで)蜀漢(しょくかん)劉玄徳(りゅうげんとく)の耳が長かったと云う事を聞いた時に、それが鼻だったら、どのくらい自分は心細くなくなるだろうと思った。


内典外典 - 仏教の経典、外典はそれ以外の書

目連 - 釈迦10代弟子の一人

舎利弗 - 釈迦10代弟子の一人

しんたん - 中国

しょくかんの劉玄徳 ― 中国の三国時代の王

からすうり - ウリ科の慢性多年草


-- But all he saw was beak shaped noses, not the one like Naigu’s. In accordance with unlucky time in which not being found, Naigu mounted more and more uncomfortable feelings.  *While Naigu talked to someone, he advertently picked up the tip of his nose that hangs down, he suddenly blushed in spite of his age to realize it.  It was what this uncomfortable feeling led to. At last, Naigu tried to find a person who owns the nose just like his in Naitengen (in the Buddhist sutra and other books), he tried to comfort himself but none of which said Mokuren (a well known Shaka’s apprentice) owned a long nose, nor Sharihotsu owned. Ryouju and Menou are the peaceful gods who own reasonable sized noses. Naigu once heard the story of China and the king, Ryugentoku’s ears were long, how he wished it was his nose, not ears. He thought he would be so free from the helpless feelings if it was his ears. At the same time Naigu worked hard passively like that, it is needless to say that he also tried aggressively not to show his nose long. Naigu tried almost everything he could do. He once tried to decoct one grass and drank Karasuuri (cucurbitaceous perennial plant). He even tried to glop a mouse’s urine onto his nose. But whatever he tried, his 18cm long nose still existed dingle-dangle there hanging up on his upper lip. 

Thank you in advance!

*from "While Naigu talked to feeling led to.  I wanted to make it in one senence..

BTW, how should I make the text  shorter on the first screen, using the funciton as [READ MORE]...
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