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Im a human being, and Im entitled to my emotions.

Please correct my translation of Akutagawa Ryunosuke

Hello! people on this community! I'm a Japanese woman living in Japan.  I am so amazed to know there is a community like this!

Recently I've been translating Japanese ancient literature for my enjoyment and studies.  I 've been  trying to translate this short story called 鼻(Hana - The Nose) by Akutagawa Ryunosuke.  His works are really fascinating, aren’t they? This story is about a priest in a high position whose nose was huge. He had an extreme self-consciousness on his nose and everybody aware about it (and laughed over it) but the priest
pretended not to know or care about it.. Anyway, it is Akutagawa’s short story in early period.

These is an excerpt and I would apprecite it so much if some of you would correct my errors!



そうぐこうせつ - そうぐは僧侶に供養のため扶養する会。こうせつは法ぎを講義すること。

僧坊 ― 寺院付属の家屋

僧俗 - 僧侶と俗人

In addition, he always cared about other people's noses. The shrine in Ikenoo often held big events such as Sougukousetsu (the big lectures to the priests). Inside the shrine, annex houses were lined with no interspaces, and in the Yuya (the house where many baths are in), shrine priests were boiling water day after day. Accordingly, numberless of various priests and laics visited the shrine. Naigu hunted out their faces with perseverance. He would hope that he'd luckily find one person with the similar nose as his and wanted to feel relieved. So for Naigu’s eye, none of their Suikan (their outfit – the outfit in Heian period), nor their Katabira (summer outfit) were seen, it was all outfocus. Beyond, the hat colored Kujiiro (tangerine orange) and Shiinibi no Koromo (the outfit) was too ordinary for his eye, yet, it was as same as not existent. Naigu, only focused on the noses, not human.  

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