mur4s4k1_s4m4 (mur4s4k1_s4m4) wrote in japaneselit,

The Obligatory Introductory Post

I was just writing in my journal about how happy I was to stumble across a community like this... I dabble in Facebook and Xanga communities as well, but I've yet to find a decent discussion group on Japanese Lit in either of those places. So thank you, all of you, for your insights and input.

To make a long story short, I'm currently living in Japan (teaching English) with aspirations of doing an MA in Modern Japanese Lit. when I get back to North America. My goals while in Japan are to familiarize myself with as broad a spectrum of Japanese Lit. as I can... right from Genji and The Pillow Book to the Murakamis (Ryu and Haruki). I'm currently reading English translations, but hope to break into the Japanese once my language is up to snuff.

Just to throw something out there... has anybody heard of/previously discussed the work of Edogawa Rampo?
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