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japaneselit's Journal

Japanese Literature
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This is a community for those who enjoy Japanese literature and are interested in discussing it with other knowledgable people. The community is open to fans of any Japanese literature, both ancient and contemporary (but will probably have more of a focus on older literature). I believe murakami, dedicated to the works of Murakami Haruki, is the only LJ community for a specific Japanese author.

Feel free to discuss literature and its place in history and culture, but please make sure your topics are related to literature. Those who are more interested in Japanese history and culture than literature might be interested in joining japan_history.

Members are also free to post in Japanese, but please provide an English translation. It might be interesting to compare original texts and translations, but remember the point of this community is not to allow you to show off your ability to enter Japanese text on a computer and write simple sentences. People who are more interested in the Japanese language might do well to join japanese.

Moderators: decken, monkeybobert