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The onnagata

I'm writing an essay for my Japanese popular culture class. The class focuses on cinema, and I'm planning on writing about the onnagata actors, especially during the shift from "old-style" cinema (filming of Japanese theatre) to "Western style"-cinema.

A short summary can be found here:

I found it interesting how at least a few on these actors became directors.

I haven't gone much into the details yet, as my main studies are in a completely different field, and I'm taking this class out of fun and general interest. I only have a vague outline, but I realize that material on this subject might be hard to find.

Thus, I wanted to ask you all if you knew any interesting (academic level) books or articles that center on the onnagata. Simple references are fine, I can dig up the articles myself. The main time period I'm looking for material on is the late 1800's to around 1930 (where the onnagata were obsolete in cinema).

Do you know of any specific onnagata I could focus on, in addition to Medama no Macchan (Matsunosuke Onoe)?
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