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Matsuyama in the spring: HAIKU event.

Dear friends, on April 7 - 11,  we wiil all witness  the big event in haiku world -- the Third Interantional haiku conference of the Pacific Rim countries in Matsuyama, Japan: http://hpr-conference.com/index.html   As you know, it is the birth place of Masaoka Shiki, the great haijin and haiku scholar of 19 centuary, and this year marks his 140 birth anniversary. 

The Matsuyama Declaration was signed here in 1999 to establish the Masaoka Shiki International Haiku Research Center and to signify the generous intent of Japanese people to share haiku internationally.

On the Conference web site, you will find Conference Schedule , and the Conference local organizers annouced that they will provide a webcast access to the conference via live internet streaming video! The presentations by haiku experts during the day of April 8, 2007 (Japan Standard Time) can be seen on the live webcast:   Watch Live Webcast Here  (from there, choose the way to watch the webcast).  You may calculate your local time when you can watch the live webcast, on the World Time Server.

This is our haiga collaboration which will be shown on the big screen in Shiki Museum during the presentation.  Enjoy! :)

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